Carrier Premium Service Package

Our Price: $699.99

Each Additional: $556.50

Suggested Price: $887.25

Savings: $187.26 - 21%

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Product Details:

Our premium package is the ultimate package for motor carriers that do not already have their IRP and IFTA accounts set up, will be traveling to Kentucky, New York, New Mexico, or Oregon and are looking for a professional company to complete their fuel taxes.

Our premium package for carriers includes:

  • BOC-3 filing
  • Electronic Certificate of Authority
  • IRP
  • IFTA
  • Specific state permits for Kentucky, New York, Oregon, and New Mexico
  • 4 Quarters of fuel tax reporting

Benefits of our company:

  • No annual fees- a true one time fee!
  • Your IFTA state fees are included (excluding Oregon)!
  • Annual reminders when it is time to renew your IFTA, New Mexico, and Oregon permit
  • Take the hassle, confusion, and time out of these registrations by letting our experts set up the new accounts for you!

You will receive an email within 48 hours requesting additional documents necessary to set up your IRP and IFTA accounts. This price does not include the fee for the IRP plate, your base state will bill you this amount. Also, you will receive by mail a welcome package containing your fuel tax materials.

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